On life and the path

I always find it interesting to find out what inspires people to do this or that? Why do some people like dancing and others not, why do some like green silk and others only wear black? (that's me)

So, a little bit about myself. I am 30 (it was a scary time turning this number this year) and as you would have already guessed I love ballet and dance and art. I find  being creative soothing and I am inspired by Buddhist practices and the idea letting go, breathing and seeing where life takes you. Nothing is in our control. Relax.

Easier said than done. At one point you need to make choices, decide on education, career, children, partners...really the list goes on. 

So why is it (going back to the start of this ramble) that some people seem to be naturals at life? I have a good friend who breaks up with her partner of 4 years-moves out to her sisters and is out living life next week! I would be under a blanket, crying. Its this resilience and seeing the bigger picture that I admire in people and am learning, now that I have hit 30 to recreate myself. 

Good luck to everyone trying to find their inner peace and live every day like its a gift.