Ballet for the 21st Century

I wanted to share with you a peak at what I will be presenting at the Genee RAD conference this year.
There are two parts to my presentation; research showing the health benefits of classical dance, both physical and mental and the long history of ballet as an elite sport reserved for upper middle class Australia and what that means for ballet in the 21st century and beyond.

Australia has a sports culture, and these cultural changes take time, but there will be no changes if ballet is only accessible to the rich.

Richness is more than just monetary wealth. It is the ability to experience different things in life. To attend the opera, to travel, to take a ballet class. To enrich your life.

This is an impossible task for someone earning between 300-500 dollars a week max. Now we cant change everything and everyones situation but we are here to try and change the accessibility of ballet.
To open up a childs world to magic and stories and music and dance and most importantly inspiration for greatness.