Interview-Lisa Craig

We have a new interview with the lovely Lisa Craig from the Australian Ballet.

1. Where are you currently dancing?

My name is Lisa Craig and I'm a corps de ballet member with The Australian Ballet

2. In 3 words what does dance mean to you?

Dance to me means expression, artistry, and connection

3. Favourite ballet to dance?

One of my favourite ballets to dance is Symphony in C by George Balanchine. I love the atmosphere on stage and the challenge the choreography brings

4. From your personal experience do you feel that ballet is accessible to most people?

Ballet is hard to access for some people due to cost and location. The regional touring the company does is great as it reaches an audience that would not usually have ballet available to them 

5. If you could change one thing about this art form what would it be?

If I could change one thing about dancing it would be that Pointe Shoes would sew themselves!

6. If you could give some advice to your pre-professional self what would it be?

Looking back on being pre-professional, the advice I would give would be to focus on what's important rather than what you think is important- staying in line and moving in unison is what creates the magic of a seamless corps de ballet

7. What is a typical misconception about ballet that you would like to set straight?

The biggest misconception I've found about Ballet is that people don't realise it's a full time job 

8. What are you reading?

At the moment I am reading 'City of mirrors' by Justin Cronin. It's the last book in a trilogy which I love!

9. What inspires you to work harder everyday?

What inspires me everyday is what the human body is capable of doing and that there's always further to explore

10. Ballet without Borders aims to allow children from disadvantaged backgrounds to experience ballet- if you had ultimate power for a day what would you do to make this happen?

If I had the power to help kids that can't easily access ballet, I'd give them all a special subscription that would allow them to travel to and watch a performance in every season