Davis Giotopoulos

Recently I had the pleasure of taking class with Davis Giotopoulos-Moore who has just received a contract with the Eifman Ballet. (He was taking class and I was flailing around!) He has also just graduated from the Bolshoi Academy, one of the first Australian ballet dancers to do so. Before he escapes to Russia I managed to get quick coffee and interview in with him.

Why Ballet?

I actually started dancing because of my sister when I was young and have always loved it.

2. What was the hardest part about becoming a professional dancer? What obstacles did you have to overcome?

Not having the right physique, flexibility or jumps. That has been the biggest challenge and I have had to consistently work on that.

3. What inspires you to work hard/harder every day?

The idea that I would be able to dance professionally on stage one day. (Which has now become a reality)

4. Favourite ballet to dance?

I really enjoy Sleeping Beauty but I know many find it boring!

5. What is a typical misconception that people have about ballet?

People assume that ballet is not hard. That men go on pointe! I get asked that all the time, if my feet are sore!

6. How accessible was ballet to you when you were growing up?

My parents were very supportive, and it was very accessible. All my siblings have pursued creative fields. We were also home schooled so I was removed from some of those environments where I would be bullied.

7. Do you feel that all children have an opportunity to participate in ballet? What would you feel are some of the obstacles that children may face?

Its not accessible to everyone, some kids would have financial problems the fees for ballet schools, costumes, shoes etc. There are big financial implications.

8. Any advice for young dancers wanting to make it in the dance world?

Hard work, hard work, hard work. Perseverance and figuring out whether ballet is for you.  

10. Would you say the competition for male dancers is different from ballerinas.

There are more opportunities because companies need more male dancers, but the standard is getting harder and higher and it is becoming harder to get a job.