Ballet without Borders is an Australian organisation that helps support children to participate in the joy of ballet education, an art form that is to often reserved for the upper-middle classes. 

We believe a happy, healthy child is a child that has an opportunity to experience variety in life and to not be confined by their social or economic status. 

Our mission is to be that enabler through the lens of ballet, and to use it to enable children to  learn about discipline, taking pride in oneself, dedication, appreciation of different art forms and simply the joy of dance.

The idea behind this initiative started when as an adult dancer I realised how expensive ballet was. The pointe shoes ($100 a pair), the classes, the private coaching, warm up pants and foam rollers. As a child migrating from Ukraine, we did not have that kind of money, and little support from my mother who as a sole parent could neither afford nor have the time required to see whether ballet was something for me. Few kids do. In my homeland, socio-economic status didnt exclude dancers (its no wonder Russia produces so many of the most talented dancers – because they invest in it). So for many this was a way out of poverty and low self-esteem.

After some research into ballet education and extra curricular activities of children, it became clear that this sport was reserved for the upper-middle classes in Australia. 

Lets make a change. 

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