We are very grateful to our Board Members and Collaborators. 
They help us achieve our mission by donating their time and efforts by engaging with us in research, working groups, partnerships and generation of ideas.

A special thank you to Ausdance and their manager Kiri Morcombe for their ongoing support and partnership. Ballet without Borders is currently auspiced through Ausdance. 



Katia Kullengren-President and Founder

Her passion for ballet combined with her passion for enabling the arts to be accessible to all children regardless of their socio-economic status lead to the establishment of Ballet without Borders in 2016. Having realised how inaccessible this art form is for many people, including herself when she was a child, Katia wanted to ensure that every child should have the opportunity to experience the joy of ballet.

"Ballet teaches you discipline, drive, musicality, all of these wonderful life skills combined with the joy and health benefits of movement. Why should a child who does not have the opportunity to attend a ballet class due to their socio-economic status miss out? I want to give this opportunity to all those children who would otherwise never attend a ballet class, they may not fall in love with this art form but they will have had the opportunity to experience it. An opportunity all to often denied."



Leanne Stojmenov-Vice-President and Principal Artist, The Australian Ballet.

Leanne and I found each other on Instagram and after contacting her about an interview for the blog I was delighted to learn that Leanne was very passionate about our work and wanted to continue the collaboration.


Geoff Aigner- Treasurer and Secretary and Executive Director, Innovation -Life without Barriers

Geoff has a long history of working in the not for profit and community centre. As the former Director of Social Leadership Australia, Geoff's experience in working with communities, passion for equality and being able to have difficult conversations are some of his many skills and values that he brings to Ballet without Borders. 




Juliet Burnett -Freelancer and dancer with Ballet Vlaanderen
Photo-Jo Duck

Juliet and I connected after I saw her amazing performance for MONA in 2016 and realised that we shared similar passions for bringing dance to a much wider audience.

Talent and passion for dance aren't exclusive to the demographics who are privileged enough to be able to afford to pursue the career. As ballet fights to maintain its relevance in the fast-paced modern world, its accessibility becomes central to the issue, so the work that Katia does with Ballet Without Borders is an important missing link in the dance community in Australia. 

Juliet Burnett