Some FAQ below. Please feel free to go to the contact page if you have other queries. 

Why Ballet?

The popularity of ballet is increasing. But it is only becoming more popular with the upper-middle classes. It's out of range for most people to either watch it or participate in it. To watch ballet, an A reserve ticket to the Australian ballet costs $180. To do ballet you will need (on average) $2500 a year for yearly tuition.

Ballet is one of the few sports that really discriminates against underprivilege. It is not offered at the majority of primary or secondary schools and the most successful ballet schools are located in the North Shore and Eastern Suburbs.

There simply isn't an opportunity for children in low-socioeconomic areas to experience ballet. 

Why not other dance forms as well?

All forms of dance are wonderful. But ballet is part of the training for almost all professional dancers. It is the basis for ensuring core strength, basic movements and stability. 

Why Ballet for everyone?

The beauty of ballet should not be restricted to those who can afford it. In Russia, where ballet is acknowledged as culturally important, those who are talented are given the chance to train for free.

What if this kind of opportunity was afforded to Australian children from disadvantaged backgrounds?  They would not only experience a beautiful form of dance but also artistry, history, musicality and mental and physical training. 

Has anyone done this before?

As far as my research has shown this is a World First.

How will you encourage boys to attend?

To encourage boys (and girls) to attend, the program is looking at engaging with schools in the areas by showcasing some of our advocate dancers in a 'It's more than just Tutus and Tights". These exhibitions will involve showcase the movements, acrobatic lifts and strong, healthy bodies. The message is: this is what it looks like to be dedicated, strong and talented. 

Don't you have to start ballet at a young age?

Some of the most famous dancers of our time such as Darcey Bussell didn't start their ballet careers until they were in their teens. 

Isn't ballet just for white middle-upper class people?

And that is the stigma this program hopes to break. Ballet should NOT just be for those who can afford it. Together we can break the 'rich' cycle and give others the opportunity to experience the magic that is ballet.