Between a full time job, excercising, cooking, cleaning, health issues and generally living, it's hard to find the time to be inspired and be inspiring. To take time out to think 'what am I doing?", "where am I going?". 

I have the pleasure of saying that I have been inspired this week by Sydney Dance Company's CounterMove which was so gripping, moving and funny that I will most likely see it again. My partner noted that it was nice to see dance, which is often so serious (often reflecting the years of hard work, dedication and training that the dancers have put into their art) be light, funny and even poking fun at itself. 

It made me realise that lightening up in life (if you are as serious as me!) is a pleasure not to be missed. We spend so much of our time wishing for the past or the future, aiming higher, pushing harder, working more, doing more, that we loose those moments where everything is calm, still and perfect (precisely because it isn't perfect!). 

There are plenty of meeting lined up for BWB and I am gathering my energies and digging deep to find calm and order in myself to ensure they are successful. 

Also a big congratulations to Julie Kent who is an absolute inspiration, for having landed the role of artistic director of Washington Ballet!