Story of one of our sponsored children-Daniel

Hello Readers,

During our Penrith workshop in April this year, we spotted a talented young boy and had the opportunity to sponsor him to go to his local ballet school, Glenbrook Ballet Academy.

Daniel loves ballet. He loved our workshop so much that he tried to teach his sister some moves! He has since sat his first Royal Academy of Dance primary ballet exam.

‘'I was so excited to hear that Daniel had won a scholarship from you. He came back from the class he took so inspired and ready to take on the ballet world.

Since then he has gone from strength to strength and has been working so hard for his Primary ballet exam. He really is such a talented young boy with so much promise and potential. He has incredibly strong legs and feet and beautiful turnout and he loves to jump, all the traits for a ballet master in the making.”

-Miss Ilona, Daniel’s teacher at Glenbrook Ballet Academy

We are so proud to have been able to support Daniel in his love of ballet and look forward to following Daniel’s ballet journey.


Workshop Success-Penrith

Hello lovely readers,

I am pleased to announce that our first ballet workshop in Penrith was a success with another one to be run in conjunction with PCYC during the winter school holidays in July. 

Our lovely students learned ballet basics such as common ballet positions, turns, jumps and interesting ballet facts. We also ran a nutrition session sponsored by Harris Farm and had some lovely goody bags to hand out at the end of class. 

Thank you to all the students and my two wonderful teachers, Mitch and Sharyn for making this day so wonderful!



Ballet and Innovation

Recently I have been fortunate enough to participate in the Ci2016 innovation conference. It was extremely interesting, full of motivational speakers who spoke about innovation from the perspective of enabling humans to live better lives. 

A presence that was missing came from the arts sector. Most of the representatives were large government and private organisations. 

As dancers do we not create every time that we are in the studio, on stage. Our job, surely is to move people. The heart sends up to 15 times more messages that are up to 5000 stronger to the brain then the brain does to the heart. 

There was also interesting discussions around the education system and how this stifles creativity and puts children in a box-to sit exams and write papers. How do we change this perception that creativity is a dead end for a successful and fulfilling career when technology is paving the way precisely for those who are creative and innovative. 

How do we utilise innovation to help dancers? How can we use the technology available to monitor health, to connect those who do not have the pathways to access dance education and performance and foster continuous growth and development of this beautiful art form?